Tyler Lockett says Seattle should cheer Russell Wilson on Monday night

Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson will play in Seattle for the first time as a member of the visiting team on Monday night, but Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett says that shouldn’t change the way Seahawks fans greet him.

Lockett said today that he hopes Seattle fans will cheer Wilson for all he did during his decade as the Seahawks’ franchise quarterback, rather than boo him because he’s now with the opposing team.

“I think Seattle should cheer him,” Lockett said.

Lockett, who succeeded Wilson as offensive captain, said he plans to give Wilson a hug when he sees him, and that Wilson deserves credit for all he did in Seattle.

Wilson will likely hear some cheers when he first takes the field, but once the game is on, Seahawks fans will be loudly cheering their own team, and hoping to disrupt the former quarterback who now plays for the other team.